Gabriele. SF, California for now.

Once. It was a week ago, it was a month a century a world ago, a sister and myself traveled from our beloved Bay seeking the treasures and dust of desert lore. We drove the I-5 until we reached LA where we dug into heaping bowls of Pho and passed out backseat-like in some winding suburb of Silverlake. Daybreak came and we shove off towards Palm Springs where the thrift gods blessed us. Bright skies open their blue mouths to our presence & spit us back out onto the black highways to which we came.
Mecca, Ca appeared in the hazy, ripply future before our eyes. We parked our speedwagon and sniffed out our surroundings. The Moon was a stretch of flat land with white hot, cracked earth. The band of colorful tents perched there like foreign flags fluttering in the sky. Onward. 3 stages surrounding a murky lake. Palm trees like giant skinny pineapples poked up shading our pink shoulders. We wandered like stragglers who just caught up with the caravan. Finally, we were with our family. Stands lined the way with various charms like pies in jars, clocks made out of old hardcovers, LP’s, vintage suede everything, leather goods and golden colored people with rosy cheeks and high spirits. We were in for a night of psychedelic music and we were in the desert.

The one to whom is me.
Rainbow Kimono’s textile creations. Locally made in San Francisco
"   Be kind to your sleeping heart.
Take it out in the vast field of light
And let it breathe.   "
-Hafiz (via emotional-algebra)
Lets go #beautyeveryplace #beachlife (at Santa Barbara Bluffs)

The black shields my eyes

stealing me away, telling lies

its a dark hex

i, left wishing up the well

the white halo smiling down

but never to reach my brow

"He told me that from now on, everything I did and everything he did was of the utmost importance: any word spoken, the slightest gesture, would take on a meaning, and everything that happened between us would change us continually. ‘For that reason,’he said,’I wish I were able to suspend time at this moment and keep things exactly at this point, because I feel this instant is a true beginning. We have a definite but unknown quantity of experience at our disposal. As soon as the hourglass is turned, the sand will begin to run out and once it starts, it cannot stop until it’s all gone. That’s why I wish I could hold it back at the start. We should make a minimum of gestures, pronounce a minimum of words, even see each other as seldom as possible, if that would prolong things. We don’t know how much of everything we have ahead of us so we have to take the greatest precautions not to destroy the beauty of what we have. Everything exists in limited quantity-especially happiness. If a love is to come into being, it is all written down somewhere, and also its duration and content. If you could arrive at the complete intensity the first day, it would be ended the first day. And so if it’s something you want so much that you’d like to have it prolonged in time, you must be extremely careful not to make the slightest excessive demand that might prevent it from developing to the greatest extent over the longest period…If the wings of the butterfly are to keep their sheen, you mustn’t touch them. We mustn’t abuse something which is to bring light into both our lives. Everything else in my life only weighs me down and shuts out the light. This thing wih you seems like a window that is opening up. I want it to remain open…”

Francoise Gilot Life With Picasso